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Software, food, cosmetics, printing, pharmaceutical, flooring, ceramics, beverage, metal, plastics and other industries large quantities of shrink wrap. Suitable for OPP, POF, PE, PVC and other shrink packaging materials.
High speed box motion movement, Higher speed up to 100 packs per minute.
Four servo motors control system, products can run on conveyor continuously no stop.
PLC and touch screen control, with program memory, can call all production parameter easily.
Products size changeover can be easily realized by hand wheel adjustment, no elements need to be replaced.
Smaller packing size, less packing film wasting, save materials. Save shrinking time and save energy.
With automatic waste strip rewinding device.
Model No. APSS-5015BM APSS-7530BM
Power Supply 380V/3pH/4000W 380V/3pH/5500W
Air Supply 6 Bar/ 10L/min. 6 Bar/ 10L/min.
Sealing bar width 500 mm 750 mm
Max. Pack Height 150 mm 300 mm
Sealing Jaw Driven by 3 Servo box motion
Max. Conveyor Speed 35m/min.
Max. Packing Speed 100 ppm 35 ppm
Center Seal Function Yes
Machine Size (LxWxH) 2740 x 1623 x 1700 mm 2740 x 2030 x 1700 mm

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