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Our Automatic Sleeve Label Applicator is designed for improved service, maintenance and operation. The APTB-200 sleeve labeler is fast, running up to 200 bottles per minute, and is easy to operate with only two user inputs. With speed and precision, the sleeve label applicator APTB-200/100 ensures quality processing. Designed with time efficiency in mind, this machine allows for a variety of product requirements. When you need a fast, durable machine for your sleeve labeling needs, allow us to meet your demands.
Advanced Japan Servo motor control, synchronized cutting system to ensure longer life span of cutter and high precision label application.
Up to 200-bottles/per minute production speed for standard bottle. It can cooperate with the production line or work separately.
Stable mechanical design, machine construction in stainless steel and Aluminum Alloy.
Multi-application for variable bottle shape: Machine head can be leaned to fit round, square bottle, oval bottles, sleeve part for bottle cap or bottle body.
The latest double material supply system is applied to change material roll alternately, more convenient and time saving.
Automatic cutter positioning system could trace and home position automatically by control in touch screen.
Unique synchronous cutter base: no need change within the certain range of sizes. If in need of changing another base, the change can be done within two minutes.
Simple and safe operation: color touch screen operating panel is provided with both English and Chinese language. Machine is equipped with self-diagnostic system.
Low maintenance cost.
Long life span of cutter: steel transmission mechanism, box-motion cutting.
Model No. APTB-200 APTB-100
Production Speed normal operation:50-200 BPM normal operation:10-100 BPM
Bottle Material Glass, metal, plastic Glass, metal, plastic
Label Length 25mm -280mm 25mm-70mm
Label Thickness 0.035mm -0.08mm 0.035mm -0.08mm
Bottle Height 15mm -320mm 15mm -320mm
Bottle Diameter 30 -120mm 25-80mm
Bottle Shape round, square, oval, rectangular round, square, oval, rectangular
Label sleeve Width 48 -185mm 40-125mm
Power 380V/3ph, 3Kw 220V/1ph, 1.2Kw
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) 2000L x 950W x 2000Hmm 900Lx900Wx1800Hmm

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