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Special designed for shrinking label around the cap part, adopting ¡°Leister¡± hot air gun with low power consumption, high efficiency and stable performance.
Stainless steel out case or Aluminum Alloy with high quality polish-finish.
Temperature and conveyor speed adjustable.
PM-BS4 adopt stainless steel top plate chain conveyor, ensuring stable convey of products and easy to connect with other machines.
PM-BS4NC is without conveyor design, tunnel height is adjustable for installing alongside customer¡¯s existing conveyor system.
Model No. PM-BS4 PM-BS4NC
Conveyor Speed 5~30M/min With Conveyor Without Conveyor
Cap Diameter 25-80mm 25-80mm
Max. Bottle Diameter 100mm 100mm
Bottle Height Adjustable 50〜400mm 50〜400mm
Power 220V/1ph£¬3.5Kw 220V/1ph,3.5Kw
Machine Size (mm) 1500X460X1435 720X644X1550

Customer-made machine is available upon request.

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