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APW-D SeriesApplicable range of packaging:
1. Long product.
2. A bundle of drinks, beers, mineral water, Easy-open Cans, glass bottles and other products with the paper tray or cardboard boxes.
3. Single product.
4. Coupled with the APT-PE Shrink Tunnel to form a completed packaging line.
1. Adopt Direct Feed-in type conveyor, no limit of package length. Machine can be incorporated with a line or operated individually.
2. Digital temperature controller assures accuracy sealing temperature.
3. Sensor-controlled production process.
4. The heated, constant-temperature sealing system ensures neat and firm sealing.
Model No. APW-6040D APW-8040D APW-10040D APW-12540D
Max. Sealing Width (mm) 600 800 1000 1250
Max. Product Height (mm) 350 400 400 400
Voltage 380V/3ph,1.5Kw 380V/3ph,2.0Kw 380V/3ph,2.5Kw 380V/3ph,3.0Kw
Capacity(pcs/min.) Max. 20 Max. 20 Max. 18 Max. 16
Applicable Multi-format type With tray or single piece
Product Feeding Direct Feed-in fully automatic
Machine size (LxWxH) 1339X1070X2137 1339X1270X2137 1936X1470X2137 1936X1709X2137
Packed machine size (LxWxH) 1440X1200X2120 1440X1400X2120 2060X1600X2120 2060 X1850V2120
Compressed air pressure and consumption 6bar, 80NL/min. 6bar, 80NL/min. 6bar, 80NL/min. 6bar, 80NL/min.
Machine weight (NW/GW) 460/630 530/680 750/950 950/1250

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