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APW-T Series
This machine is designed for the PE wrapping of heavy object packaging. It able to handle both single and multi- packs, such as a bunch of soft-drink tray, bottles, boxes, etc¡­.
1. Automatic wrapper and tunnel combo design, very compact, save space.
2. Conveyor with adjustable speed controlled by inverter
3. Motorized upper and lowerfilm unwinding
4. Mono-chamber tunnel
5. Shrink tunnel with PID temperature controller, temperature tolerance ¡À 1¡ãC
Model No. APW-6040MT APW-6040DT1
Voltage supply/ Installed power 380V/3ph, 14 KW 380V/3ph 14KW
Compressed air pressure and consumption 6 bar, 50L/min 6 bar, 40L/min
Sealing bar 600mm 600mm
Maximum product height 300 mm 300 mm
Max. output 10 P/min. 12 P/min.
Working height 850mm 850mm
Maximum size of film reel W 600- ¦Õ 350mm X2 W 600-¦Õ 350mm X2
Machine size (LxWxH) 3110X1360X2410 mm 3100X1360X2140 mm
Packed machine size (LxWxH) 3260X1460X2230 mm 3260X1460X2230 mm
Machine weight (NW/GW) 765/1150 765/1150

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