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Application of automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine in pharmaceutical industry

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Automatic shrink packaging machine shrink packaging is one of the more advanced packaging methods in the current market. China Packaging Equipment Co. Ltd. after nearly 20 well-known for several major industries, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, beverage and beer manufacturers inquiry, shrink packaging technology is certainly found the biggest reason is: can reduce the cost, improve sales, can be added to show the product shelf. The following from the heat shrink packaging machine several characteristics, talk about the reasons for the selection of shrink packaging machine.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers: heat shrinkable cartons can be replaced by nearly 100 million. Some pharmaceutical packaging show, PVC shrink machine due to the external packaging of pharmaceutical industry requires relatively high, so the manufacturer uses heat shrinkable packaging is more hope by reducing the cost of packaging materials to reduce the total cost of. For example, a manufacturer could have the packing speed is 10 / 6 minutes of PE heat shrink packaging machine, shrink packaging equipment manufacturers hope to speed faster, reaching 50 / min to reach the degree of rapid production, improve efficiency, reduce equipment using units, reduce the equipment occupation of the plant area, thereby reducing the cost target.
The current market performance of the heat shrink packaging machine is the most stable, the best quality is Shenzhen Ouhua Packing Machinery Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Ouhua packaging machinery professional with more than and 10 years of experience in manufacturing, R & D and production of heat seal cutting and sealing shrink shrink packaging machine set as a whole, with POF, PP, PVC shrink film material that reduces the power consumption, is widely used for packaging beverages, gifts, hardware, cosmetics, toys, plastic, bamboo and wood products.


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