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Automatic heat shrinkable film packaging machine troubleshooting

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Automatic shrink film packaging machine in the packaging process more or less have some faults, especially the packaging effect is not meet all customer requirements, such as packaging heat shrink packaging within have not ruled out the air, and shrink film products on the surface of the drum, gas bubble is the cause of solid problems as follows Xiaobian summary of problems and solutions.
1, automatic film sealing temperature is too high, the sealing temperature is too high shrink film blanching, or in the process of high temperature in the process of contraction and contraction of the membrane after the opening.
2, a film sealing machine for sealing height is not correct, the sealing line of automatic sealing and cutting heat shrink machine generally around the side of the product, if not on the side of the plane center position in the process of contraction expansion shrink film under the condition of sealing line and uneven force, will eventually shrink film there will be an opening.
3 sets of molding machine, film pressure due to the uneven, plastic coating machine in use and the debugging process should be adjusted to ensure the sealing frame level cut is in a horizontal line, or due to insufficient air pressure molding machine, sealing and cutting pressure due to the uneven.
4, sealing machine cutting knife and sealing base (silica gel) have foreign body, or more dirty. Ensure the cleaning of cutter and silicone base. The damage of the silica gel base, the worse the broken silicone base
5, sealing time is short, or the temperature is too low, sealing machine sealing, shrink film is not a complete combination and welding, need to adjust the sealing time or adjust the sealing time
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