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Automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine process notes

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China packaging equipment (Heyuan) Co., Ltd., is a professional production of automatic film sealing and cutting machine, automatic shrink packaging machine, automatic shrink film packaging machine, heat shrink packaging machine, shrink packaging machine and other packaging machinery manufacturers, today we will explain the process matters needing attention.
1, first of all automatic shrink packaging machine set heating time
2, press the manual or automatic button, rack cylinder solenoid valve power output driving gear, gear drive chain, the rack cylinder after a proximity switch off. When the rack cylinder runs up and down, the front position of the rack cylinder is close to the switch, and the output of the electromagnetic valve is obtained.
3, the oven cylinder running to the TDC, the timer starts to start delay, rack cylinder solenoid valve off.
4, automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine timing end, oven cylinder solenoid valve.
5, according to the working mode flag, decide whether to continue the next work flow.
Advantages of heat shrinkable film packaging machine:
1, advanced Chinese touch screen control, simple operation;
2, product packaging, print date once completed. Save time and cost;
3, optimize the structural design, disassembly, cleaning more convenient;
4, automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine horizontal, vertical sealing temperature independent control, better adapt to various kinds of packaging material;
5, automatic shrink packaging machine intelligent design, no material, not empty package;


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